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The main engineering and consultation services we offer with the highest level of competence and engineering know-how can be summarized as: 


1.   Design of Electro-mechanical Systems for Facilities

2.   Power quality and harmonics studies and solutions

3.   Electrical safety implementation and development of safety standards

4.   Urban Planning – Electrical Networks

5.   Value Engineering Services/Design Review

6.   Training programs for electrical engineers and technicians

7.   Power System Studies: Short circuit/Selectivity/Flash Hazard/Equipment Evaluation

8.   Energy management and energy efficiency solutions

9.   Commissioning and startup of electrical projects

10. Supervision of Installations

11. Development of electrical Master Plans

12. Development of maintenance programs for electrical equipment

13. Development of Full Electromechanical Shop Drawings

14. Design and Detailed Engineering for Solar PV Plants up to MSSP and LSSP Levels

15. Consultations on DC Power Supply Systems

16. Design and Detailed Engineering of Wind Farms


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